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Dragonfly Advisors, Inc. works with individuals and their advisors to explore charitable interests and opportunities. A comprehensive long-range financial plan is often enhanced with elements that help an individual or family achieve their charitable intentions. Providing for the future of loved ones and organizations that contribute to the quality of one’s life can be accomplished through some thoughtful planning and fairly simple tools. Charitable components of a financial plan may also provide tax benefits to a donor and their family.

Opportunities for Philanthropy

Each individual has the ability to be a philanthropist. Being a philanthropist does not necessarily take great wealth. Many people have found fulfillment in supporting an organization through regular weekly or monthly giving. Some include an organization in their estate plans where they give of their assets as opposed to their income. Giving of one’s time as a volunteer supporting the work of an important organization or serving in a leadership position on its Board of Trustees is one of the greatest gifts an individual can share as a philanthropist.

Donor Advised Funds, Charitable Gift Annuities, Trusts, Life Insurance Policies and Appreciated Securities

Above are just a few examples of the charitable vehicles available to help achieve financial and philanthropic objectives. Dragonfly Advisors, Inc. welcomes the opportunity to explore possibilities and options for their clients and their families to leave a lasting legacy.